As a maxim goes, finding true delight through a balance of mindfulness and efficiency is the path that leads to the prevalent grace. 

It is a great honor to share my story with you. 

One day I prayed, confessed, and thanked God for everything he gave me, as I thanked all t​he Angels, my Brothers, and Sisters.

Unexpectedly and unaware, lightning struck, forming a glowing point of light in the sky, the energy ran through my head and spine, connecting me with God, the highest intellect. “You taught Liar a lesson! Now continue to teach them a lesson mercilessly!” ​The strong, almost belligerent voice made me realize, I was told this by God. 

A shape of an Eye emerged in the sky. I've compared what I saw with “Yin and Yang.” He thanked me. 

The moment of total enlightenment and clarity of consciousness immediately caused happiness and evoked life-changing Ideas for the future. 

Two days after I drew this eye-shaped sign and published, a thunderstorm approached my area. Lightning flashes responded to my thoughts and questions, meaning a confirmation. I saw first letter of the word, “Truth.” 

An incredibly frightening lightning bolt struck right in front of me, which obliged me to comprehend the seriousness of a certain situation. 

I captured an image from the satellite with the same shape of an eye. It was the brightest spot in the middle of the world map. The place called Amberg stands for “on the mountain.”

God blessed and gifted us with extrasensory perception, allowing telepathy and the transmission of impulses. It turned out I was given a special power to make pressure by looking at the image of a person. The ability I wasn’t aware before. Combined with mind-reading, this skill enabled a new form of conversation. 

Miraculously, the signs of God started visualizing in different shapes in the sky. 

The handful of evidence points to the existence of an informational field. Once I entered it, I was able to understand the force and shape of the universe. 

It inspired me to create particle physics theory visualization. 

When I published this animation, two stars reportedly collided in space.  The certain event was extensive proof of God’s power in the Universe. 

This particle physics theory has been submitted to CERN Institute in Switzerland. The application of technique-related experiments and tests has shown the possibility of materialization to be more evident. 

I used to read symbols with my eyes closed while meditating in a special condition of high senesitivity. Some fragments documented on paper served as predictions to show how to recognize God’s protection, predicting the causes of destruction to detect the true reason and helping us to measure an adequate balance. 

The most notably, I predicted the floods in Iran instantly before the event accured. There were many signs appearing as a precaution of something significant. 

The tendency of this doctrine is based on the “Golden Rule”: 
Treat each other the way we want to be treated. 

The main idea is to learn how to respect and appreciate each other’s cultures and to express our gratitude. The decent way to avoid damaging and forceful change through an inappropriate dictatorship. People have to show their love and admiration to God by way of worshipping and cherish their culture, perpetuating traditions. Sometimes it's more about freedom; sometimes it's more about self-challenge and improvement. 

Sovereignty must be respected preserving dignity to overcome difficulties and disputes between nations; otherwise, God will balance it out. Sometimes the values we keep for generations are wrongfully evaluated by others, which leads to a path of self-destruction on a global basis. As a result, we are affecting the fate of the place and the people we represent. 

Our life is a race against time that is getting more limited based on the polluting process and mishandling of the environment. ln the nearest future, it might cause major changes.

Accepting the rules of God, to serve in sincerity and truth, living by conscience, we secure his protection. 

Peace is imminent, only peace allows us to evolve and implement unlimited economic growth, receive all blessings of God. 
He is leading us to a paradise on Earth. 

Scientific progress depends on our capacities. It is a forthcoming process of eliminating the barriers in our consciousness and expanding our knowledge.​ 

His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman reached out to me through social media and news to get me involved and assist on the conflict in Yemen. 

After God’s confirmation with the lightning flashes in the shape of “CW" - an abbreviation for civil war. It took almost a year of hard work from March 2018 until the negotiations took place and the UN-organized “Stockholm Agreement” was reached. 

Once it was signed, it took another year to achieve partial implementation. 

Meanwhile, I have learned from His Majesty King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud about the Islamic culture. 

It helped me to understand the scope and nature of a conflict, as well as the entire situation in the Middle East involving Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Iran, Qatar, Israel, Palestine, and Lebanon. 

One of the most important contributions to world peace to date was mediating and persuading the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, to negotiate with the United States leading to the first Summit, despite all the circumstances. Likewise, convincing the President of China, Xi Jinping, to compromise in his efforts to find common ground and start talks with the United States, thereby resolving the Trade War. We have maintained to reduce tensions in the region on the brink of war, cooperating with Foreign Minister of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif. 

We also cooperated with the governments on a variety of issues, including Brexit, on which I provided assistance. We have been coordinating with:​ 

British Royal Family, 
UK Government under former PM Theresa M​ay, 
former PM Boris Johnson and PM Rishi Sunak, 
former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, 
President of the EU Commission Ursula von der Leyen, 
President of France Emmanuel Macron, 
former PM of Italy Giuseppe Conte, 
Taoiseach of Ireland Leo Varadkar, 
former President of the EU Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, 
the United Nations.

During this time, many news outlets supported us and helped to communicate, navigated specifically focusing on the issue. 

For many years, ​my life was about self-education. I have learned techniques of creation, improved my talents, and trained my intuition. After many ups and downs, I finally decided to venture into becoming an artist inspired by world-renowned artists and incredible personalities I have been influenced by throughout my entire life. 

The modern way of expression in music and storytelling takes its roots from rituals of paying glory to God.  

During this time, we have experienced many lessons bringing us closer to acknowledging the true meaning of testaments, learning from failures of the past. 

Some officials, political figures, and others may seek to score benefits, after they have attempted to mistreat, misrepresent and demonize God in order to cover up and prevent my appearance, causing a lot of damage. 

Please, don’t fall for the false narrative! 


Our spiritual interconnection allows us to create a coherent bond through the application of the senses we have been gifted with.

Many iconic musicians, artists, actors, directors, authors, athletes, public figures, fashion brands, designers, and news outlets were giving their voices, showing their support and spreading the message, triggering a lot of attention worldwide. 

I would like to express my immense admiration to my Brothers and Sisters for their support and special gratitude to: 

Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter, 
Mark Zuckerberg, 
Leonardo DiCaprio, 
Elon Musk, 
Jon Favreau, 
Bill Gates.

as well as ma​ny powerful and extraordinary personalities.

God is the greatest! 
Thank you, my Brothers and Sisters, for your incredible support!  
I love you!